As an avid trainer and speaker, Stephanie regularly speaks to groups ranging anywhere from 15 to 500+ people. Choose one of the existing presentations or create one custom to include your desired topics. All of these presentations can be customized to size, duration and include all participant materials.

Stephanie presents the material in such an effective way that you don’t even realize the time. Every facet of the presentation was exciting, energetic, and you can tell Stephanie loves what she speaks about. – Gary Hayward, CEO & General Manager, Win-River Resort & Casino. 


  • Leadership Development
  • Personal & Professional Motivation
  • Sales Team Motivation
  • Career Change
  • Time Management
  • Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Organizational Culture & Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Management

Anonymous testimonials from presenting to over 350 professional coaches at the 2017 ICF Global Coaching Conference: Converge in Washington D.C. 

*feedback was collected and distributed to the International Coaching Federation

“Excellent presenter- authentic and knowledgeable with strong ability to connect with the audience and share. Thank you! Wished we would have had longer and it was the last session of the day!”

“WOW! She should have been a 2 hour presenter…. she was amazing. Superb energy, beautiful ability and a demeanor that completely kept attention.”

“Very effective in such a small time allotment. I learned a lot based on her practical experience. She was very effective in injecting humor — a remarkable balance not often witnessed.”

“Stephanie did a great job packing a whole lot of information into a short amount of time. Would have loved a longer session, but despite the fact that it was the end of a long day, she kept the energy and enthusiasm up and engaged. Well done.”

My Programs

A Leader’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence

A Leader’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence

Understanding Emotional Intelligence is critical for leaders, managers, and those who seek to lead groups. But how do you increase understanding for self and others and have it impact a group, team, organization or workplace positively? In this interactive presentation participants will:

  • Discover an easy-to-understand manager’s guide to emotional intelligence.
  • Uncover strategies to increasing understanding of complex interpersonal challenges.
  • Explore new ways to approach difficult personalities.
  • Understand how to encourage relationship building and trust in group settings.
4 Strategies to Creating Winning Teams

4 Strategies to Creating Winning Teams

Does your team operate like a well-oiled machine? Underestimating the power of team building is a critical blindspot for most leaders. Your ability to build trust and cohesiveness within your team is a key measure of your success in any organizational setting. No matter the size of your team or industry, this presentation gives expert insight into how to incorporate team building into the culture of your organization. In this interactive presentation participants will:

  • Understand how to build trust amongst your team.
  • Discover small activities and exercises that increase team cohesion.
  • Learn how to train other key individuals in team building.
  • Explore designing team building initiatives to solve communication challenges.
  • Understand how to leverage team building to increase productivity.
Time Management Mastery

Time Management Mastery

Improving your time management skills can dramatically impact your life both personally and professionally. Though we all only get the same 24 hours a day, this comprehensive course reveals simple strategies you can start using immediately to become a MASTER at time management! In this interactive presentation participants will:

  • Learn to eliminate time wasting activities.
  • Uncover FOUR MUSTS to manage time and tasks effectively.
  • Explore a fool proof system for prioritizing your projects and tasks.
  • Learn email and calendar management techniques that save you time.
  • Understand efficient strategies for communication, and managing productive meetings.
The Ultimate Job Seeker’s Guide to Career Transition

The Ultimate Job Seeker’s Guide to Career Transition

Navigating career transition in the 21st century can be overwhelming. As a practiced and career coach for over a decade, Stephanie Licata provides specific expert advice of how and when to make your next professional transition. *This program can be an interactive 90/120 minute presentation or a 1/2 or full day workshop. In this presentation participants will:

  • Explore how to assess transferable skill sets.
  • Discover resume and LinkedIn tips that make you stand out from the rest
  • Understand how personality impacts career satisfaction.
  • Understand the NEW employment cycle: how long it takes.
  • Learn how to avoid getting sucked into the online application vortex.
  • Master how search for the right role AND the right organization for you.
  • Explore if entrepreneurship is the right fit.
  • Navigate the interviewing and salary negotiation process.
The Secret to Active Listening for Sales, Marketing & Service Professionals

The Secret to Active Listening for Sales, Marketing & Service Professionals

Sales, Marketing & Service professionals secret to success is effective relationship building via communication. The most powerful communicators are skilled in the art of Active Listening, a learned behavior that accelerates the client/customer relationship by creating relatedness. Active Listening requires out of the box thinking and the ability to coach oneself to success.

In this interactive presentation participants will:

  • Understand 4 key components to Active Listening.
  • Connect Active Listening to client/customer relationship building.
  • Practice using Active Listening as a pathway to client/customer relationship building.
  • Understand how to leverage Active Listening for closing deals, up selling and repeat sales.
  • Discover how to sustain motivation through the sales cycle.
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