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“Working with Stephanie for three months was such a fulfilling experience. She provided me with insight and encouragement to follow what I believe in. I find that sometimes in life we may want to pursue a career path that does not necessarily follow the societal norms. During these times you may need a bit more courage. Talking with Stephanie provided me with that courage; she helped me see that as long as I believe in what I want to accomplish and actively take steps towards my goal, fruition is possible. There was never any awkwardness talking with her; she was very easy to speak to. Stephanie has a true innate sincerity about her that helps her to really understand people.” ~ Jeannine Bush, MSW

Career Coaching is set apart from personal coaching. This service is a hybrid of coaching and consulting that includes assessment of portable skill sets, and creative consulting that includes professional resume editing, interview skills, and more. It is customized to those designing a career search or navigating a career transition.

Entrepreneurial Coaching is also a blend of coaching and consulting. Starting a new business venture is an exciting and streesful time. Between idea generating and building infrastructure that is sound, this service supports you in making your dreams reliable realities that continue to inspire your vision for your business. You’ll learn innovative approaches to time management, marketing, building your network, and the careful art of  maintaining a…SURPRISE: personal life!

“From the moment I met Stephanie, I experienced her enthusiasm. She moves like lightning and gets the jobs done. She makes it her business to put your aims and ideas in order. In the short time that we have worked together, I am amazed at what we have accomplished. Stephanie is a wonder woman with executive and creative abilities.” ~ Hanora Theresa, Author & Writing Coach

Stephanie, she offers a 30 minute complimentary discovery session to see if its the best fit for you.  To schedule a session click below or, please visit Stephanie’s exclusive Career Coaching Service:

SoundChange Career Coaching. 

Coaching packages include resume and LinkedIn consulting, personality and skill set assessment, and reasonable email interaction between the business hours of 9am-6pm on weekdays.


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