Business Consulting

Business Accelerator Consulting: For Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

With a new or growing business, entrepreneurs are often buried in the day-to-day tasks, wearing many hats every single day. Stephanie’s ability to help you laser focus and fuel creativity into the vision for your business guarantees to bring velocity to the ideas swirling around in your head. By providing a structure for you to work ON your business rather than being stuck UNDER your business, Stephanie provides the following services:

  • Branding, Marketing & Messaging Consulting
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy Consulting
  • Program/Product Development Consulting

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No time for weekly sessions or meetings? Take advantage of this jam packed day to plan, structure and refine your current and future business plans and ideas.

Whats on the agenda? Whatever you want! Fill out a quick form and Stephanie will design your ultimate business productivity immersion experience from your own words!

  • “Through a series of coaching and consulting conversations between Stephanie and I, we were able to identify three key areas as potential business targets to set my compass for. Stephanie is an excellent listener. She asked many probing questions that required me to think hard and to articulate clearly. Through these questions, She picked up, through the intonation of my voice, a specific area that seemed to capture my intentions. Stephanie not only brought those intentions out, but she helped me to identify other goals that benefitted myself and my organization.”

    Patrick Moore· Partner, Antelek & Moore Insurance
  • “As a an entrepreneur with a growing small business, knowing how to plan and execute change can be confusing at times. Working with Stephanie during an extreme period of growth was unbelievably significant to the results produced by my team and myself. Stephanie helped me discover quantitative and qualitative evidence to warrant several critical changes. She was also an asset in supporting the entire team during the process of implementing strategic value driven change. Her business and interpersonal knowledge and expertise enabled me to efficiently work in and on my business. This helped our team to produce one of our largest events with ease and increased profitability.”

    Alexa Maniaci
  • “From the moment I met Stephanie, I experienced her enthusiasm. She moves like lightning and gets the jobs done. She makes it her business to put your aims and ideas in order. In the short time that we have worked together, I am amazed at what we have accomplished. Stephanie is a wonder woman with executive and creative abilities.”

    Hanora Theresa· Author & Writing Coach
  • “Stephanie is the penultimate producer. She takes care of what’s behind the scenes in my business and life so that I have the time, energy and peace of mind needed to focus on my core business. Having Stephanie on your team means not having to worry about details, knowing she is juggling it all with grace, brains, and urgency. She treats your business like it’s hers. Need i say more?”

    Paulette Rao, MCC

Human Resources Consulting: Small, Mid-Size, and Large Organizations

HR is no longer an administrative function. From the time an employee is hired until their last day, HR must be accountable to drive the people management function from a new purpose-driven place. Working with change agents in talent acquisition, talent management and learning and development, this service includes:

  • Employee and executive coaching
  • Policies and procedure audits
  • Hiring and recruiting consulting
  • On boarding program design, development and training
  • HR department team building
  • “Stephanie Licata has a great presence and always presents in a manner that attracts and retains your attention. Stephanie provides solutions to HR issues that HR professionals may have never thought of.”

    Alana Kadden Ballon· Principal, Inqune: Sales Tools & Human Resources Manager Tule River Indian Health Center, Inc
  • “Stephanie is an incredible consultant who continues to impress our clients time and time again. She is comprehensive and gets to the core of what clients need to do to move the needle and generate measurable results. Her ability to ask questions that uncover deeper needs contributes to the overall success of projects. She is an invaluable member of our team and we couldn’t do our work without her.”

    Katherine Portillo· Principal, Inqune: Sales Tools & Human Resources Manager Tule River Indian Health Center, Inc