That’s Insane!
Recently, while planning for studying for my grad school comps exam, a fellow grad student caught a glimpse of my iCal. She said “Oh my God Stephanie, thats insane….how do you get all of that done!?”

I told her about my new convoluted planning system which I’ve had to adapt in this growth phase of my life! Taking my coaching and consulting full time, starting a non-profit, and kicking 10 last credits to the finish line for my Masters is no small feat.
The “way I’ve always done it.”
When I was working full time in education or in my previous career in business (Yes, we are on successful transition #2!) I always planned my week. Before there were smart phones I had color coded sheets for each day on a clipboard where I would carefully craft each day at the beginning of a week.

This system worked for working in a predictable atmosphere. I repeated the same tasks month after month, year after year. Working as service and leadership program director in a school I pretty much could plan a dance for special needs kids or a mission trip half way across the country in my sleep. When I introduced new clients ┬áto my company’s services in my early career of marketing, I knew the process like the back of my hand. Everything was just IN ME!

If I showed you my current client list, there is not ONE company, entrepreneur, or client that operates in the same style, or even industry! They are all totally unique and wonderful adventures that I must learn about and adapt to.

So, I’ve decided to stop forcing my old ways of being onto my new exciting life. If [...]