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Coaching: Read the fine print!

Beware! In 2014 anyone with two hands and 100 bucks can call themselves a coach! Coaching is the new buzzword that is flooding social media with a lot of people who are great SALESPEOPLE but not practiced or studied coaches. I don’t care how passionate you are about a topic, this doesn’t make someone a coach. I’m pretty adamant about this because myself and my fellow colleagues have worked very hard to be the coaches we are today. Trying to preserve a profession amongst a lot of bells and whistles is very important to me.

Coaching is a skill that must be honed by credible teachers, mentors, literature, and study. When looking for a coach I always tell people to ask where the coach studied to be a coach or what certifications they have. When I knew I wanted to be a coach, I was intent on learning it as a skill. If you are also thinking of becoming a coach, I also highly recommend that you get adequately trained. People are not dollar signs – they are real people with real lives. To coach someone is to say YES to possessing a certain skill set of listening, questioning, critical thinking, accessing emotional intelligence, and using careful intuition. Here are a few things to remember:


1. WHERE DID YOU STUDY? A practiced legitimate coach will have attended a credible coaching certification program, and will have some sort of certification (preferably with organizations similar to the ICF which requires 100 hours of training at a basic certification level, mentor coaching, and an oral exam). In the NY/NJ area, NYU and Columbia have reputable coaching certificate programs that require deep study, practice, [...]

January 24th, 2014|Blog|

Please, no more experts. Thanks.

In my first week of Marketing 101 in undergrad, I quickly was ordered to memorize the three P’s of marketing (pricing, placement, and promotion). You can google the “three P’s” and ¬†what pops up? You’ll find a gaggle of people who have made up their own version of the three P’s as it relates to success or whatever else you can think of.

Do we really need another person telling us how to “be successful” through social media? My answer is Absolutely NOT. As the great Dr. Warner Burke taught me in my most recent course of Leadership and Supervision at Columbia University’s Teachers College: leadership is personal. You can read everyone’s article, book, or “5 simple steps to growing rich” but guess who they apply to: the PERSON WHO WROTE THEM!

Everyone thinks they have the simplest system to have you make it, but in truth, its the system designed for them make it…again. My three P’s are not about how you make it, they are about what I stand for. I LOVE the small business owner. It takes a certain kind of grit and guts to put out your own shingle and live your passion. So I say that passion,productivity, and profitability are what I stand for. That will look COMPLETELY different for each person. I don’t say this is what will work for you. I don’t even say this is a formula for success. I DO know that you run your own show because you have a passion that was too big for any cubicle. Being productive with those I work with puts forth an energy that is exhilarating. I love watching people make their lives or businesses WORK for them. ¬†Whether we [...]

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